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IronFX allows you to trade the major coins AND forex, commodities, futures and shares.  I suspect that commodities, such as corn, soy and wheat, are going to go to the moon in the next few months.  Take a few minutes to check it out.  They have a current promotion that will add 40% to your 1st deposit. Deposit $5,000 and they will give you $2,000 more 🙂

Don't limit yourself to just BTC. Especially not while its still tanking! Click the picture to visit IronFX.


1st arc1st arc of setup (blue on jim’s chart)
1×1Gann 1×1 fan (bold blue on jim’s charts)
1×2 / 2×1Gann 1×2
apArc Pair (There are 5 color-coded arc pairs.  On Jim’s charts the 1st ap is coded red, and has the 2nd arc of the pair removed, since he believes Tradingview’s 2nd arc of the pair is set incorrectly.
BTC2404 hour chart of BTC
BTC3030 minute chart of BTC
EOSend-of-setup (large square gann setup)
epenergy point (time of heightened probability of change)
pfAndrews Pitchfork
sq9Square of 9

Some very useful sites

  • IronFX: A great exchange that offers crypto, forex, shares and commodities all in one place.  They take BTC as deposit.
  • Tradingview:  Tradingview is simply indispensable in this business.
  • Elliot Wave:  You can subscribe to their BTC forecast
  • Simply a great business news channel
  • Brad Cowan’s site.  Brad is a genius
  • Erik Beann’s site.  Erik is a genius.
  •  Eduard Altmann’s site.  Eduard is a pretty smart guy.
  •  Futures 1st trade dates – useful for astro-trading


Current Prices

  • bitcoinBitcoin$10,773.66
  • ethereumEthereum$359.33
  • rippleXRP$0.243946
  • bitcoin-cashBitcoin Cash$222.87

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