FBI Director Corney??

Geometric Thinking Update

By Jim Fredrickson

Is his name Comey or Corney?

This blog is a bit different from my usual, but I was made aware of something this morning which is beyond frightening.  I found it hard to believe, but I actually got the original document which you can download from government servers here, and verified what I was told.  I encourage you to do the same.  It only takes 1 minute.

This is the so-called FISA report which has been all over the news the past few days.  The voluminous report suggests that alot of people made mistakes, but makes sure that no one of significance will be indicted.  

But how, exactly,  could the people who actually wrote this document be certain that they were not putting highly placed people like James Comey in legal jeopardy by publishing this long report??  Amazingly, they accomplished this feat by never putting his name in the report!  I swear to God it’s true.  Download the paper from the site linked above, and verify what you will read here.  The download link is a “.gov” site,  the document is the original.

Once you have the document on your desktop, search for “Comey”.  You will get 0 hits.

Having gotten 0 hits for “Comey”, try doing a search for “Corney”.  You will get 163 hits. such as the one you see below.

But wait a minute!!  That name clearly says “Comey”, doesn’t it? In fact, to the naked eye it clearly reads “FBI Director Comey”.  But the computer doesn’t have eyes so easily fooled.  It actually reads: “FBI Director Corney”.

When I double-click the word that looks like “Comey”, the browser sees it as “Corney” and offers to search Bing for the term.

What if we copy and paste the name we see into another desktop app?  Let’s try that.

I copied the above referenced “Comey” into MS Word, and this is what I saw:

Was this an innocent mistake?

Was this an innocent mistake?  Was it simply a matter of a poorly designed font, which merges the letters “r” and “n” into appearing as an “m”?  If so, we should expect all instances of rn to appear as an m. 

So check by searching for “rn” in the document to see if they all appear to be an “m”.  In fact they DO NOT.  In all other cases “rn” read as “rn”, as expected, not “m”.

Compare the above with “Corney” at the same level of magnification:

This was not an innocent mistake.  In all cases where the name Comey was mentioned, a special font was used, which merged rn into “m”.  In all other cases a normal font was used.

As a result, there is not a single instance where James Comey was named in this document.  He may face embarrassing questions on CNN, he may now say, “Gee, I’m sorry.”  He can do that without fear now because this document places him in no legal jeopardy.  None whatsoever, because he is never even mentioned in the document. It’s an illusion meant to trick a nation of sheep.

The fact this has happened at all means American governance is now a pathetic joke.  I encourage everyone who reads this to verify everything themselves, and then make the information go viral.  This sort of criminality cannot be allowed to stand.

My thanks to Jim Stone for bringing this to my attention. 

This was not an innocent mistake.

This is not financial advice, just words of wisdom from someone who has seen it all over the past few decades.  Do with it what you will.  Happy Trading!

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